Takashiro Senko started dyeing activities more than 80 years ago in Kurashiki, Kojima island (Japan) between the sea and the mountain.
Kojima has a long history around the textile industry as the first production area in Japan for school uniforms and denim.
Importations, the crisis of the birthrate led Takashiro Senko, as an actor of this local activity, to start natural dyeing for original creations.

≪ When we made this choice people told us it was like going back to the past but we realize now being ahead. Our experience of chemical dyeing allows us to understand even better the qualities of natural dyeing. ≫


We select the textiles bringing out the nuances of natural indigo at their best in creations for everyday life.

Also we redye clothes in order to be able to use them longer or give them a new life in blue color.

Know how

- Indigo dyeing or ≪ AIZOME ≫ from very light to very dark tones: Hanada, Asaki, Ai, Gunjo,Kon etc.
- Patterns: Shiborizome and Itazome for ten or so variations.
- Thread dyeing allowing original textile creation.

- China ink dyeing or ≪ SUMIZOME ≫ on cotton or silk.


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