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<高城染工場 100年の歴史と藍>








The history of Takashiro Senko and the art of indigo dyeing.

Takashiro Senko is an indigo dyeing factory located in Kojima, Japan where has a long history of textiles and indigo dyeing.

I am the fourth generation of my dyeing factory which has been active for over 110 years.

For two years, I was absorbed in study of Art & Design at the National Academy of Design of Fine Arts in New York.

The history of indigo dyeing goes back to the time when Egyptians were building pyramids, and the techniques

have been passed on over the years from Europe to China and then to Japan.

The technique has a long history and has been used in Japan for kimono as common clothes in Japan.

When my great grandfather started his factory, Kimonos were the only thing he was making and dyeing,

and as time went by, people in Japan  didn't wear Kimono like they used to so my father started dyeing jeans.


And when I took over, I started making clothes for women.


All of the clothes I make use the designs I learned in New York and I make clothes using dyeing techniques that has been used for four generations.


30 years have already passed since I started my work.


All the clothes I design and make are all dyed by hand.

Gentle but eye catching indigo blue is loved by many Japanese women.


Hirohiko Sunami

designer, dyer of Indigo

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